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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Made a few updates to the source code database and couple minor tweaks to the software.


  1. According to the info published on Sinpplet Managers website it is able to store HTML snipplets. I'm a webdesigner and downloaded it to store HTML snipplets and sadly there is no such option, the closest thing is option to store PHP snipplets. But PHP is not HTML! Please explain this situation if you can because it can be confusing for other people too.

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  3. Firstly I would Like to say great program.
    I am trying to create an ABAP.syn file.
    Mostly it is a success.
    However ABAP Single Line comments are denoted with an asterisk at the beginning of a line,
    anywhere else and it is not deemed to be a comment.

    The following Regular Expression "^\*.*$" describes a match.
    My Question is how do I incorporate this into the SingleLine Comment Block?

  4. Hey,
    I would like to thank you for this nice looking application. Myself I'm a web developer at the moment but I'm looking to get my "degree" in c++ and java. And all the time I was thinking about making something like this as my first project. But it is nice to see that somebody took the effort to already create a free app like this and share it.
    I also think that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. That's where this application comes in handy.

    Thank you from Belgium

  5. Good piece of software. Would be better if we could:
    * Rename Snippet (F2, right-click)
    * Rename Group (F2, right-click)
    * Have multiple nested groups, for example:
    \MySnippets\XML\My App 1\Group 1
    \MySnippets\XML\My App 1\Group 2
    \MySnippets\XML\My App 2\Group 3
    \MySnippets\Java\io\Reading Files
    * Add extra information about snippets, example description, credit to authors
    * Delete group (instead of delting snippets one by one until group disappears when no snippets in it)

    Keep up the good work,


  6. This is by far one of the most required and essential software for a programmer. I just wish I have found this a long time ago. I so badly wanted to create something like this on my own but because of your work, you saved me all the trouble. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for making it a freeware. Also, I have a very few suggestions for the next version. As this is something that I use daily, it would be really nice for it to start with Windows. And also if it is possible, to minimize/close to the system tray. Those features would make the already perfect application, even more perfect. And for everyone out there, use Snippet Manager with Dropbox :D Takes the trouble out of the syncing :) (If you don't like to upload to an FTP Server, that is) Thank you very much once again for the lovely application and for making it a freeware :)

    Cheers from Sri Lanka

  7. Thank you!!!!

    I appreciate your time and effort to make such a useful software free to all of us who are in need.

  8. I'm just curious if you could include the ability to store LSL snippets. The Linden Scripting Language for Second Life. I love the software as is, but this added language would be great in my opinion.


  9. Loving it!!!

    I've been searching the web for ages looking for an online database like this, but this works just as well!

    I'd have to agree with Paul , though - renaming and better grouping functionality would be nice!

    Thanks from Norway!

  10. Very useful program.

    Having the possibility to have user-created categories would be better.

    I was wondering whether you can include other supported languages including:
    -Amibroker AFL


  11. I've tried a whole bunch of Snippet Managers and this is the one I'm liking the best. Thank you so much for making it free.

    I have a request though, could you post up details for the XML format used for the syntax files, I get most of it but some of the details are lost to me. Thanks again

  12. Seems like Snippet Manager is no more supported: neither answers here on the blog nor via email.

    Does anyone know what's going on?



  13. Hey all,

    I love the program. It doesn't seem possible to create new folders within the app, can this be done?

  14. Thank you, good job.

    I would really, really like the ability to add my own folder/category.

  15. Project is still alive but I've been very, very busy. Will catch up soon. Thanks!

  16. Hey,
    Just wanted to say thanks for that awesome tool. I have created a .syn for a Language called GE-Smallworld Magik and if you like I can send it to you so that you could put it in your next release.

  17. I just wanted to say Thank You, Richard Gardner!

  18. Nice app very nice to find a link to it in a review for another app that was not so great. I would never have found it otherwise!

    Could you possibly add a category for snippets from Excel? I know this is technically VBA but that is not listed either and a separate category is nice when it specific to an application. Other than that I wish I could move snippets around and rename them.

  19. I was looking to add Lua to the list of languages I have modified on of the syn files for the language, but need a way of adding it to the drop down list. Please.

  20. How about an update, or the source code? ;)

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